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Adventure Begins...

Sixty years old and considered perfectly ordinary, Inspirational Wink has never left the small town of Whisper. She’s been happy to work the farm with her parents and occasionally wonder what lies beyond the Three Creek Bridge.


All that changes when her father’s death reveals a secret and a task that falls to her and her alone. She must retrieve the Notebook of Whim, a powerful, magical object hidden years before by her mother, so that it can be destroyed. 


It’s either complete this quest or be nagged by her mother for the rest of time. So, off she goes.


But she’s not the only one in search of the notebook, and along the way she encounters magical creatures and very human enemies, all determined to claim the notebook for themselves. Not at all surprising, as the notebook grants whatever wish is written on its pages.  


Luckily, she has a mouse, a pink horse, and a band of companions to help her along the way. With their help, she is determined to outfight — and outwit— anyone or anything that gets in the way of her search and, more importantly, of her return home. 


Because if she fails and the notebook falls into the wrong hands, her mother’s life— and her entire world— could be destroyed.

"Great book! Reads like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign and traditional fairytale adventure story and it's marvellous."


Goodreads Review 


"I really loved the adventure, the character dynamics and the whimsical fantasy. This book helped fill a hole in my cozy-fantasy-craving heart that I wasn't even aware I had!"

NetGalley Review

"This was a fun, cozy adventure! Definitely recommended to fans of T. Kingfisher, or to anyone who wants to read a fairy-tale-like fantasy with an older protagonist."

Netgalley Review

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